Christmas Gifts That Aren’t Just Weed

The holidays can be overwhelming! You want to give your loved ones the PERFECT gift. You want to give them something they can use and enjoy and can’t get enough of! So let’s be honest — it’s weed. You know they’re going to love it and use it and if you don’t gift it to them they will just buy it for themselves. But out of fear of judgment for not being creative here are some Christmas gifts that aren’t just weed (even though that’s hands down, without a doubt what they want).


LUSH Bath Bomb

Make their bath time fun with a bath bomb from LUSH. LUSH makes a variety of bath bombs with amazing scents that your loved one will probably appreciate. It’s the perfect gift to help them unwind after a long day of work. They will for sure love the swirling colors and appreciate the scent after some weed, which you maybe should’ve just given them.


A Candle

A candle is a simple but an affective gift. Nothing says thoughtful like picking out the perfect scent for your loved one. They’ll feel loved when they see their personality reflected in the aroma you’ve carefully selected for them. It isn’t weed, but it’s something.


A Day At the Spa

Another thoughtful gift is a gift certificate to a day at the spa. Your loved one most likely has trouble finding “me” time, so a gift certificate to a spa will definitely help them carve out time for some much needed relaxation. They will for sure come home feeling less anxious and free of worries. A day at the spa is the second best way to let all of your worries fade away — aside from smoking some weed.



A Decanter

Nothing says elegant like giving your loved one a decanter. They will without a doubt enjoy their gorgeous new way of holding liquid. It will look beautiful and sophisticated in their apartment! They definitely don’t love decanting wine as much as packing a bowl, but whatever.


It’s important to remember that Christmas is a time to let your loved ones know that you appreciate them. A time to let them know that you wouldn’t know what to do without them. It’s a time to… Oh you know what? Fuck it, just give them some weed.