How To Juggle It All and Still Make Time to Go Back for Madame Zeroni

With work, family, and personal obligations pulling you in a million different directions, it can feel nearly impossible to balance it all, especially when you have to go back for Madame Zeroni so she won’t curse your family for always and eternity. This is an unfortunate reality for many modern women who are not only tasked with most of the financial and household responsibilities but also with the burden of their neglectful male ancestors who forgot they had to go back for the fortune teller they were indebted to. In this article, we’ll provide life-saving tips for juggling it all and carving out just enough time to go back for Madame Zeroni.



Time Management

In order to fulfill your seemingly endless list of obligations, it’s essential to figure out an effective time management system that, of course, accounts for the time needed to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain. This can be done by creating a to-do list, a time audit, or a detailed schedule. Be sure to look at your method of choice and ask yourself, “Will this really help me protect my family from a 150-year-old curse?” If the answer is no try out a different system! This is important!



Disorganization leads to forgetfulness and forgetfulness leads to a vengeful fortune-teller cursing your family with bad luck for eternity. We don’t want that! Keep yourself organized by getting a day-planner, downloading a task app, or leaving helpful notes like, “Get Madame Zeroni TOMORROW!!!”


Stop Procrastinating

We get it, when you wake up tired, you don’t feel like going all the way to Madame Zeroni’s and then taking her all the way up the mountain, and then gently singing to her while she drinks from the stream but don’t you think you’ll regret it if you don’t? When your son is mistakenly arrested for theft and sent to dig holes in the desert we’re willing to bet you’ll be wishing you’d just got it done!


Prioritize Effectively

Your busy schedule simply does not allow for wasted time nor does it allow for less essential tasks, like getting your nails done, to take priority over going back for Madame Zeroni. Always ensure that she makes it into your top three absolutely, crucial priorities!


Learn to Say No

There are few things more powerful than the word “no.” If wielded correctly, saying no can be the difference between freedom and an ancient generational curse. Practice saying things like, “No, I can’t go for drinks tonight I have to get up early to go back for Madame Zeroni” or “no, you’re doing the dishes tonight I have to handle that curse thing.” Its life-changing we promise!



Now that your multi-tasking toolkit is brimming with practical tips, you should have no problem managing your work, family, and social life and fulfilling a promise to that old resentful fortune-teller, Madame Zeroni, which your great-great-grandfather never did. Your future children will thank you!