Chic Work-From-Home Desks That Would be Perfect for Stuart Little

Coy Folding Desk (Bellacor, $147)

This walnut folding desk will have you losing your mind after two hours of trying to sit at it, but young Stuart of the Little family could straight up live in it! He could use the little drawer in the center as a bed, then wake up and already be at work. What a professional mouse. It’s too much, actually. He should take a vacation; find some work-life balance. But anyway, guess none of that is relevant to you. Sorry. So next time you’re feeling like your home is too small for a proper desk, know that you’re right and get one of these uselessly tiny ones instead. You may not be getting any work done at one of these, but Stuart Little certainly would, and wouldn’t that be fun if Stuart Little came to live with you? Should you get a mouse? God, you’ve been home for a long time.

Coy Folding Desk