Charles Manson’s Fiancée: ‘Bill Cosby is a Monster’

Hi y’all. Charlie’s bride, Star, here, ready to weigh in on the controversy on everyone’s mind this week. That’s right – Bill Cosby’s alleged rapes. I’ve got to say, I agree with the media on this one (as I usually do!), that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist, guilty of drugging and assaulting various women.


The evidence is undeniable. I mean, when that many women are coming forward against someone, you just know that they’re not making it up. And it’s a real shame that a man could take advantage of the trust of women like that. I was just discussing this with Charlie, actually, and he agrees. Charlie is a man who knows restraint. He has to, as the prison forbids any physical contact between us during visits. But I have it on good faith that he was always one for respecting the bodies of women.


It’s a shame that people like Bill Cosby are out there doing so much harm in the world. Charlie and I try to right the wrongs that others have done through our work with ATWA, which stands for Air, Trees, Water and Animals. We care about the well-being of the creatures around us, unlike people like Bill Cosby.



The person I feel most for in this (aside from all the women who’ve been raped) is Bill Cosby’s wife. How horrible it must be to be married to a man like that. She must be somewhat delusional to put up with it. I could never live under such pretense. You’d think she would have sensed something in him, even before they were married – an alarm bell that would’ve warned her “this is a terrible idea! You are marrying a terrible, horrible man.” But I guess some people just don’t have any common sense.


As for me I’m just so lucky to have found someone caring, who I know truly cares about me. And I’m glad we both have the sense to know that Bill Cosby is a monster.