But How Could The Creator of a Movie Called ‘I Love You, Daddy’ Be a Predator?

Earlier today, the New York Times published an article about comic Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct with five women. While rumors about his abusive behavior have been swirling around for years, this was the first time the comic has experienced consequences for his actions. But, I do have to ask the question that I know is on everybody’s minds: How could the creator of a movie called I Love You, Daddy possible be a predator? I don’t get it.


Although the premiere of his film was abruptly cancelled, some spoilers from I Love You, Daddy have come out. In his film, a character aggressively masturbates in front of others, which – and this is the crazy part – is exactly the same thing Louis C.K. did to Julia Wolov, Min Goodman, Rebecca Corry and Abby Schachner. I mean, who knew? I guess I just don’t get how someone who’s obsessed with material about masturbating in front of women could have had a strange obsession with masturbating in front of women?


Honestly, it just doesn’t really track for me.


I Love You, Daddy tells the story of an older, successful artist seducing a teenage girl – an ode to known-pedophile Woody Allen. In hindsight, maybe I should have made this connection a little sooner, but how was I supposed to make that connection? “Five years of public rumors and multiple victims over many years,” you might say, and to that I say, “Okay fine maybe you have a point.”



Then again I don’t know a lot of other filmmakers who have made films about sexual predators. I mean, his movie is called I Love You, Daddy, and nothing about that is weird to me. It’s totally cool, and I can’t wait to see this very good and healthy movie!


When C.K. was pressed about the inclusion of masturbation and sexual predation in his film directly mimicking the rumors of his own sexual misconduct, he is quoted as saying, “It’s funny, I didn’t think of that,” Ha, dude, neither did I. Fool me once, shame on you; but fool me twice, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about! Haha!


So what if Louis C.K. wrote, directed, produced and stars in a movie called I Love You, Daddy about sexual predation, with references to masturbation in front of women, made by a man who has openly admitted to being a creep in real life – I just don’t see how someone could make a connection to him being a predator. After all, he is the daddy in the movie! He’s the good guy, okay? I just don’t see any red flags here.