Yeah, I Toooootallllyyy Know What A Hair Mask Is

In my group of friends, I’m always the one keeping up on the latest beauty trends and hottest new skincare products. Nothing puts me more in my element than getting into a deep conversation about the difference between nighttime moisturizers and moisturizers you can just wear anytime. Yes indeed, if anyone knows a thing or two about perfect skin, hair, and overall health, it’s me. I’m also the one who definitely knows what a hair mask is. Like, a hundred percent I know about that.


Whenever someone says, “Hey I’m looking for a new hair mask to try,” I always say, “Ugh same!!” and definitely not “What’s that?”, “How do you use one?”, “What is it for?”, or “Where do you buy one?” Obviously I wouldn’t say any of those things because I am someone who totally knows what a hair mask is. Just ask me and I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you later because I’m actually super busy right now but I will tell you.


One of my friends has really long, thick hair and another one of my friends has thin, dyed-blonde hair and they have both told me they use hair masks. It of course makes sense to me why both of these friends need to use a hair mask even though they have completely different hair. It’s because hair masks…are…for…everyone..? Yes, of course they are, and I know that.


And don’t even get me started on what hair masks look like. Someone who doesn’t know what a hair mask is might wonder, “Is it papery like a sheet mask, or thick like a clay mask, or hard plastic like a ghostface Halloween mask, maybe?” But not me. I don’t have to ask those kinds of questions. In fact, if you put me in a room and told me to point to a hair mask and then use it I could obviously do that and definitely wouldn’t break down and scream, “Isn’t this just conditioner!!!?!?!?”



I have done the research. I know the facts. Not only do I know what a hair mask is, but I know if it’s something you use in the shower, or right before bed, or you can only really do it at the salon. Or…mask is a metaphorical term and a hair mask isn’t real? It’s one of these things for sure!


At the end of the day, hair masks definitely make your hair better, otherwise no one would use them. That is called logic, and I figured it out, and now it is something I know. So next time you are wondering if a hair mask is right for you, just ask me, because I’ll know. Because I totally know what a hair mask is and I’m ready to talk about it at any time.