Boyfriend Crosses Out ‘Plus Rent Is Insane’ From Proposal Speech

While 29-year-old Dalton Williams has been planning his proposal to his long-time girlfriend Zoey Britt for months now, he’s still making some last-minute changes to his speech, including crossing out his multiple mentions of “how crazy rent is right now”.


“I just decided that, ultimately, I don’t need to mention the cost of rent in my proposal speech at all,” Dalton told reporters. “Now, I just have it as a cheeky aside in my wedding vows, which will be even better because I’ll have an audience who will think I’m joking.”


When asked how he thought Zoey might feel about these sentiment, Dalton said he wasn’t nervous.


“Saving on rent is like 90% of why we’re getting married!” he said. “We’re definitely on the same page about that, I think. I guess we’ll find out in front of Pastor John and all of our friends and family!”


He added, “My original speech opened with, ‘Zoey, I’ve wanted to marry you since the moment I laid eyes on you and also rent is, like, insane right now, so…’ but everyone I showed it to told me it sounded like I was more excited about the prospect of saving $500 a month than marrying the love of my life. So, obviously, I had to cut it.”


Dalton said that while he ultimately decided to remove his feelings about rent from his proposal speech, that didn’t make them untrue.


“Rent is insane,” he said. “Of course I love Zoey and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but let’s not pretend that splitting the cost of a one-bedroom isn’t a good reason to pledge yourself to someone forever as well.”


However, Dalton clarified that getting married isn’t all about saving some money on rent.



“There are the tax breaks, too!” he said. “You can’t forget about those. Honestly, there are so many beautiful reasons to get married. Oh, and Zoey and I have an amazing relationship, also.”


Other items Dalton ultimately nixed from his speech included: “We’ve been dating for a year and we’re both 29, so…” and “I’ve been dreaming about cheaper health insurance for my entire adult life.”


At press time, Dalton had proposed to Zoey and she was thrilled, saying, “Yes, of course, I’ll split rent with you – sorry, I mean marry you! Of course, I’ll marry you!”