Bold Androgynous Haircuts For Perfectly Symmetrical Faces

This season, it’s all about androgyny—at least, for those with objective, all-encompassing facial beauty. Are you looking for an edgy new hairstyle to frame your flawless countenance? Look no further! Check out these daring unisex looks for perfectly symmetrical faces!
#1: The Windswept Tomboy

Do you love a bold, genderless haircut that says, “I used to model?” Have you ever been compared to a magical woodland fairy? This one is for you!







2_boyhair#2: Boyish Charm Undercut

This boyish, dynamic style could be your next great look, if you have the kind of bone structure that inspires marble sculptures. This look would be so dangerous on anyone with an imperfect face, but it’s perfect for you!






3_rihannapomp#3: Pomp & Circumstance

A feisty, masculine pompadour is a great look if you’ve got textured hair and a full-lipped mouth that literally no one has ever said ‘no’ to.




#4: Futuristic Fun


Pump up the volume! This angular, geometric cut will bring your androgyny into the future, where an entire race of aliens will worship your soft, porcelain skin, without caring to inquire what sex you are.








#5: The Muse

Want to fearlessly play with gender expectations as someone who has a nearly identical genetic makeup to Beyoncé? We found your new look, girlfriend!







6_Ruby_Rose#6: The Ruby Rose

Are you attractive to people of all genders and sexual orientations? Does your very existence force those who look upon you to question everything they thought they knew about their own desires? Try this haircut!






To be fair, it probably doesn’t matter what you do with hair. People will still want to sleep with you. You’re perfect!!