3 Haircuts So Bold They Won’t Notice You’re Shoplifting

It can feel stressful to look chic all the time, which is why a bold haircut can be the perfect cure-all for your drab style. A bold ‘do can wow bystanders—but more importantly, it can distract them so they don’t even notice you’re shoplifting! Here are some daring hairstyles that will have people saying, “I didn’t even notice she was a thief!”


Asymmetrical Bob

This sharp style will inspire double takes no matter where you go—parties, restaurants, or the grocery store, where you plan to smuggle some deli meats out of the store by hiding them in your coat pockets. This cut does require regular upkeep to keep the lines straight, but considering the haircut is bold enough to distract from your regular shoplifting, those biweekly trims pay for themselves! Now, who wants a sandwich?


Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts may have a negative reputation, but they can become style gold if you use serums to keep your hair shiny and sleek. It’s an easy-to-style cut that will turn heads, which is perfect, because you just put a whole immersion blender in your tote bag at Target. With everyone’s eyes on your skull, you’ll be able to waltz right out without anyone stopping you. It’s never been so worth it to look like a stylish young boy!




If you want an edgy upgrade, try an undercut—buzzing the sides or back of your hair while the top is grown out longer. This style was made famous by men in the early twentieth century, but is having a comeback now and who says women can’t be involved? And speaking of involved, this haircut is the last thing you need before carrying out your own Ocean’s Eleven heist. People will be so focused on your hot hairdo, they won’t look down to see that you are one of a dozen women with undercuts who are straight-up carrying couches out of this Crate & Barrel.


Head-turning outfits come and go, but a bold haircut can be an important fixture in your style. Try out any of these cuts to put witnesses in a trance. When they finally come to, they’ll be sure to ask, “Hey, where did my car go?”