Bold Liner Looks That Say, ‘I Can’t Wait For Ted 2’

You’re ready for a new look. Something bold. Something that pops. Something that says, “I can’t wait for when I see Ted 2 later this week with my cousins.” Don’t worry—we got you. Here are four bold liner looks that tell the world, “I couldn’t get enough of that foulmouthed bear the first time around, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he gets into in the sequel.”


Purple Smoky Liner = “The idea of a plush toy with a sex drive cracks me up!”

A purple smoky eye is fun and seductive, just like Ted! Just because he’s a stuffed bear doesn’t mean he doesn’t have needs. And just because your smoky eye is colorful doesn’t mean it’s not lousy with sex appeal. Use your wow-worthy lavender peepers to see the Thunder Buddies reunite!


Cobalt Winged Liquid Liner = “I simply cannot get enough of buddy comedies in all their forms.”

Male besties talking about “chicks” and comparing flaccid penis length? Oh yeah, you want to go to there! And so does your sleek blue cat eye, because blue is the color of boys. After all, the only thing better than male friendship is male friendship where one of the friends is an animated talking bear!



Gold Sparkly Liner = “Seth MacFarlane? I would.”

If there’s anything sexier than a horny Teddy bear, it’s Ted creator Seth MacFarlane and also your sparkly gold eyeliner. MacFarlane is all the things that get you off—tallish, darkish, user of fake tanner, and the creator of Ted. Lure him in with a subtle shimmery eye!


White Liner = “Get Amanda Seyfried out of there so I can see more of Ted.”

You believe Ted is about Ted, so why do they keep throwing talented comedic actresses into the mix? Like your fresh white eyeliner, Ted speaks for himself. Which is hilarious, because he’s a bear! Ha ha; ohhhh, that bear.


Now the only question is which of these stunning looks will you wear to the multiplex?!