Fall Placenta Recipes We Can’t Wait To Try

As the temperatures drop, our kitchens are heating up with seasonal recipes using your leftover summer placenta. Nothing warms our autumn bellies and reminds us of what happened during labor like a yummy placental dish. Take yourself back to the womb with some simple recipes for dinner at home or to share at your coop’s potluck:


Placenta Soup (for the Soul)

Chuck the whole placenta in a crockpot on low for eight hours while you place a heat pad on your shrinking uterus and stare into your newborn’s face. Diced onion will add flavor and also help you hide the tears resulting from rapid hormonal changes.


Pumpkin Spice Afterbirth

Get the gals together to sip on this perfectly spiced concoction. Combine equal parts ground placenta and whole milk with a dash of nutmeg in a small saucepan, then serve in large mugs so your friends can enjoy it slowly while discussing the virtues of motherhood.


Placentas in a Blanket 

Pinterest-worthy alert! These cute, phyllo dough-wrapped nibbles are the perfect finger food for people who love placenta, but want to eat it in light, snackable bites.



Placenta Crisp

Take advantage of both apple picking season and the highest birthrate month of the year with this satisfying dessert that’s also a good source of iron. Try topping your placenta with rolled oats and brown sugar to lure skeptics over for a taste of this sweet, nourishing treat.


Slow-Cooked Pulled Placenta 

This game day treat is a surefire touchdown. And it’s economical! Mix just one half of your placenta with a full bottle of barbecue sauce to create the most savory of human meats.  Friends will be begging you to host a party again next year, and also to have recently given birth!


If there’s one food we look forward to in fall, it’s placenta, so if you’re lucky enough to have given birth during the fall, be sure to share the wealth of seasonal flavor!