Aw! This Woman’s Thighs Married a Subway Seat and They Had a Gorgeous Barn Wedding

Wedding season is upon us, and it’s safe to say that no matrimonial event has given us the feels more than the absolutely breathtaking barn wedding between Willa O’Neal’s thighs and this B train subway seat!


We checked in with Willa and her thighs to get all the adorable details about how the couple met, their courtship, and their beautiful rustic wedding.


“It was an unusually hot late spring day,” Willa said. “It must have been my first time wearing shorts of the season, actually. As soon as I sat down I knew something major was going on between my bare thighs and the seat. I totally felt like a third wheel but was also kind of happy for them.”


From their first meeting, Willa’s thighs and the subway seat were inseparable. It wasn’t long before tying the knot seemed like the only natural next step.


“Yeah, I think they both knew right away,” Willa confirmed. “By the end of the ride I’m pretty sure they were technically already common-law married, so the reception was more just a chance for friends and family to celebrate.”


The reception may have been a hit, but the ceremony itself was nothing short of moving.


Guests gathered in a little red barn lit by hanging lanterns and looked on while a minister and personal friend of the couple waxed poetic on the relationship as both a singular and unique romance and as a tile in the rich mosaic history of the bond between sweaty thighs and subway seats.


Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the rustic barn.


“Honestly,” said one guest, Olive Ryder. “When I received the invitation I must not have read it too closely, because I just assumed Willa was the one getting married. At first I was a little shocked that the wedding was actually for her thighs and an inanimate, city-owned object, but that barn wedding was just so gorgeous! What can I say, it really got me.”


Willa proudly served as her thighs’ maid of honor, with an unidentifiable liquid acting as the seat’s best man.


Of course, now that the fairy-tale ending has finished, the couple is settling into the beginning of their real life together.


“There have been some obstacles,” Willa admitted. “He works so much.”


Good luck to the happy couple! Here’s hoping fares don’t increase anytime soon.