Wow! This Flight Attendant Gets Paid To Fly Around The World And Ask Men To Stop Groping Her

Every job has its own special benefits. But flight attendant Reina Williams gets a lot more than that: This fortunate woman gets paid to fly around the world and also constantly ask men to stop groping her!


“I’ve seen all the corners of the world because of my adventurous job,” says Reina. “And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my travel, it’s that men of all nationalities need to be reminded incessantly not to touch my body.”


Some women truly have all the luck!


Reina, who is paid to manage the safety and comfort of passengers, ends up also having to teach men to keep their hands to themselves.


“The training was long and intense, but I’ve always dreamed of being a flight attendant,” says Reina. “Now, I get to soar the skies and visit exotic destinations for the low price of having to politely defend myself from groping men while trapped 30,000 feet above sea level.”


“It’s…’s not what I expected, to say the least,” she added.


“She’s an excellent air hostess, she deserves all the travel she gets,” said Lucas Zhao, a businessman from Hong Kong. “And she’s got a great ass on her.”



“Yeah, she usually doesn’t even raise her voice when I put my hand on her legs,” added Gregor Schmidt, of Germany. “She just brings a certain je ne sais quois that the male flight attendants don’t. If anyone deserves this coveted career, it’s her.”


“The constant propositions, and inappropriate touching – it never ends,” said Reina. “I really should just get an office job, but then I’d lose my free travel.”


“And sometimes, with all the harassment, I really need to just get away.”