Aw! This Group Of Friends Is Refusing To Admit It Was Too Cold To Go To The Beach Today

Talk about goals! After an unexpected change in the weather forecast this weekend, a group of four friends were so committed to their beach hang that not a single one of them would admit on the day of that it was way too cold to be there!


Kenslie Sodersten, Jasmine Wilder, Amelia Miquel, and Riley Winslow all went to a nearby beach around 10 AM, while the air temperature was 65 degrees and the water temperature was 52.


“It’s def gonna warm up once the sun is out for awhile,” Winslow told the group, despite multiple weather reports indicating it was cold and going to rain soon.


As they sat there shivering in their towels all day, the friends were committed to the lie, saying things like, “I’m so glad we’re finally doing this,” and “I wonder why there’s so few people here? It’s such a nice day out!”


The group even went so far as to dip their feet in the water up to their ankles.


“I’d swim but honestly I don’t feel like having to change my tampon,” said Sodersten, who wasn’t on her period, but was definitely freezing her ass off.



The day was filled with a game of Frisbee that hurt everyone’s stiff cold fingers, a visit to ice cream truck that no one enjoyed as much as they pretended to, and a lot of staring off into the cloudy distance.


Everyone ended the day posting a group selfie to Instagram with hashtags that included #perfectbeachday, #bestfriendsbestbeach, and #funinthesun, and plenty of filters to make up for the lack of natural sunlight.