Aw! This 20-Year-Old Is Wearing A Little Suit

Cute breaking news!! Chris Lutz, a 20-year-old resident of Manhattan, picked out his very own little suit and wore it to work today! Awww…can you even believe it???


Chris, who is not even able to legally drink yet, wore a little dress shirt, tie, suit jacket and matching slacks – and even shiny, shiny dress shoes like a big boy! Everyone who encountered the marketing intern agreed he looked absolutely precious.


“One day, he’s really going to be a big handsome man,” said his co-worker Marsha.


For his part, Chris seemed unaware that everyone he encountered wanted to pinch his cheeks for trying to look like a serious member of the business community.


Undoubtedly, Chris assumed having graduated with honors and having beaten out 300 other recent graduates for the prestigious placement at a major firm would inherently lend him enough credibility to dress like an adult.


He was wrong.


“I really don’t think he knows that everyone wants to ruffle his hair and go, ‘Who went to Men’s Warehouse? YOU went to Men’s Warehouse!'” added Marsha.


Though this was no doubt the first time Chris has laid out a fancy little outfit for himself without the help of his parents, his co-workers expressed reservations about taking the intern seriously.


“It’s just, like, he can barely grow facial hair, so I don’t really buy him in a double-breasted suit jacket, you know?” said Marsha.


When Chris shed his jacket and revealed that he’s also wearing suspenders, the office exploded in pandemonium.



“Holy shit, look at him,” said Spencer, who occupies the cubicle across from Chris. “He’s so freakin’ adorable I want to break something. It’s like when dogs wear human clothes. I want to nuzzle him and call him a good boy SO bad. I won’t…but I want to.”


Chris’ co-workers agreed on one other point: they can’t wait to see what Chris wears tomorrow.


Said Spencer: “If he wears a little hat, I’m going to put my fist through a wall.”


You go, Chris! One day, people will respect you. But not today, little man!