This Celebrity is a Woman But She’s Wearing a Suit

Spotted: This stunning female celebrity strutting her stuff in an impeccably tailored YSL suit. Wait, what?!!!


Even though this fun-loving star identifies as a woman, she chose to wear pants and a blazer to this event instead of a gown. Let’s take a moment to admire her total fierceness!


You almost never see women wearing pants! It’s like, what is she? A man? No! She’s a woman! In pants! Weird! Weird, and beautiful.


You just know this woman is cool. She’s wearing clothing that is usually reserved for men or lesbians, but she’s neither of those things! She doesn’t even care if someone thinks she’s gay!


It was a bold choice to eschew a classic, sexy gown in favor of a classic, sexy suit, but boy did it pay off. She looks amazing. Thank god she still has long hair. We’re all going to remember this one for a long time.