8-Year-Old Suri Cruise’s SHOCKING New Face

Suri Cruise is the subject of tremendous speculation after debuting a drastically different look after attending the premiere of Chappie this week in New York City. At only eight years old, it appears that Suri Cruise has undergone massive facial changes since the last time she strode a red carpet only three years ago. Onlookers were in awe of her shocking transformation.


“I didn’t even recognize her,” says Patrick Tummutus, a photographer for US Weekly, “I almost called out, ‘Mary-Kate!’ to get her to turn around for a picture.”


Many news outlets compared Suri’s new face to that of Renee Zellwegger’s. “Is Suri the new Renee?” Fox News asked viewers. Later in the evening, Fox News posted a slideshow titled “The Many Faces of Suri,” illustrating how rapidly her face has changed over the last few years.


“At first I could see why she would want a little more face elongation and definition, but now she’s out of control,” a source close to the Cruise family says, “Every time I see her it’s as if she’s had something new done.”



Rachel Edens, a red carpet reporter, believes that Suri may have also gotten leg or knee implants, as some suspect she has grown taller as well. “At first I would have to bend down to stick my mic in her face, but now I just need to lower my arm,” Rachel says.


After examining pictures of Suri, Richard Thompson, celebrity plastic surgeon, reports that it’s “obvious” that parts of her body have been altered. “From the length of her nose to the width of mouth, there’ s no doubt in my mind that she’s had some major work done.”


Many Twitter users took to their accounts in an attempt to come to Suri’s defense, saying that she is “just growing up” and to “stop sensationalizing a little girl.”


“Uhm, this is just what happens when you get older?” tweeted @lisa1986.


No comment has been made from the Cruise camp regarding Suri’s new look.