8 Emojis to Inspire Your Daily Yoga Practice

emoji yoga - reductress

While existing yoga poses have served yogis well over the past few centuries, sometimes you’re just left wanting more. Occasionally you need a fresh take on an old classic – and what’s fresher than emojis? Check out this emoji-inspired yoga sequence for some new inspiration in your practice:


emoji-catThe Home Alone Face Cat emoji will inspire you to expand upon your normal cat pose. From the tabletop position, arch your back, lift your chest and then clutch your face in the combined shock of just having used after shave for the first time and the threat of Joe Pesci trying to burglarize your home.  The shock will refresh and energize your energy pathways.


emoji-ear The ear is one of the most under stretched and least balanced parts of the body. Study the ear emoji to determine the parts of the ear that could use yoga for restorative balance. In a seated meditation, pull on your ears.


emoji-rice Look to this ball of rice to remind you of your connection with the universe. You are a grain. Stuck to all the other grains. From warrior pose, splay your fingers out to feel the rice-y space between them. You will eventually be digested completely separately, yet all at once with the other grains being texted endlessly throughout space and time. So yeah, everything is pretty fucking connected.


emoji-poop The poop emoji is more than meets the eye. Allow it’s organic lines, twists, and turns to inspire you to relax fully. In chair pose, twist, smile, bulge your eyes out, and allow your sphincter to relax, letting gases release. You yourself are a pile of human byproduct.


emoji-eggOne can gain enlightenment from the fried egg in many ways. The egg can be cracked allowing it to take on new forms. Get into compass pose and then roll yourself around the room.


emoji-womanSometimes you have to just shrug. Or serve up an invisible tray of drinks. With a palms-up mudras, lift your shoulders up to signal to the universe that you don’t even know anymore.  Let it pass.


emoji-workerUse this sleeping construction worker for your guided savasana relaxation. He has probably had a hard day on the site. He might even be a missionary as indicated by his non-secular helmet. So just be at peace with all that.