Take Control of Your Life While Relinquishing it!

I never dreamed I’d be the talented and successful author of Take Control of Your Life While Relinquishing it! Yet here I am, writing tips for you on how you can take control of your life while also learning to totally let go. How did I get here? Simple: I took firm control of my decisions, and then, I relinquished that control.


In college I desperately wanted to be a professor of English. I studied hard, went to grad school, T.A.-ed my ass off, and then one day decided to let it all go to Hell. If I were truly meant to be a professor, I would somehow find a way. So my path was carved through letting go, but also first, taking control. I couldn’t have given up on it all if it hadn’t been for all those years of hard work. In the end, it turned out that a career as an English professor just wasn’t in the cards for me. I never applied for any positions and I never got one. Sure, my mentor at Colby encouraged me to pursue teaching, but by that point, I knew it was no longer up to me. I had surrendered myself to the universe, and the universe did not hire me to teach English. Isn’t that amazing? It was all the answer I needed.


Through a series of these concerted efforts, releases, and accidents, I have somehow made it to where I am today. Promoting my wonderfully inspiring book on blogs across the country and speaking at conventions of every stripe and color, running on just a few hours of sleep every night, then completely tossing it out the window. So, how can you find the You that you’re forcefully and accidentally meant to be?


First – Take Control

Life isn’t just going to come to you. You have to know what you want, make a plan, and pursue it. What are the steps that will get you there and what specific goals do you want to achieve along the way? Do you want a career and a family? These decisions must be made actively and decisively.


Second – Relinquish Control

Remember that you never had control in the first place. You probably didn’t really know what you wanted – after all, we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the depths of our own hearts. Sure, you needed those steps to get you where you are in this moment, but now it’s time to forget that. Now it’s time to let life live you. See what comes along. You might be surprised! Life is a grand adventure, and who am I to predict what’s in store for you?



Third – Repeat

You can repeat these steps as necessary throughout life. If you’re feeling uncertain on how to proceed, then check out my book Take Control of Your Life While Relinquishing it! The steps above are outlined more in-depth in there.