7 Emotions You Feel When Your Gay Best Friend Kills Your Boyfriend

The most important thing to remember when your gay best friend kills your boyfriend is that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there—all of us—and even though you are going to feel sad, angry, and maybe even a little scared, it’s important to remember that this setback will become a distant memory in no time. Here are the seven things you’ll feel when your GBFF straight up murders your BF.



You’d always thought that Chad and Jason were cool with each other. You loved going to Trivia Tuesdays at El Dorado’s together. The three of you made a great team. It felt so easy; so right. So why would Jason murder Chad with a pickaxe? And more importantly, why were they hanging out without you? All these questions are swirling through your head, but trust us, it will all become clear in a few weeks. It always does.



You were the one who introduced the two of them; without you, they would both be alive and neither of them would be axe murders. But it’s important to remember that this is not your fault. It’s the fault of a society that so often pits gay guys against their best friends’ boyfriends. Say it with us: “What happened at the rock quarry is not my fault.”



Okay, this is probably not super sensitive of you, but you would never have thought that the lithe, twinky Jason could take on your hunky boyfriend Chad, let alone brutally murder him with mining equipment. You wish he hadn’t done it, but you’re still like, “Wow, he did it!” It’s totally normal to feel a twinge of pride at your often-insecure friend’s physical achievement. #LoveIsLove





You were never one of those girls who thought of your boyfriend as your best friend. You had Jason, your GBFF, for that. But now that Jason’s in jail and Chad’s remains are scattered across New England, who’s going to watch Netflix with you? If you’re feeling lonely, join a support group for women whose best friends killed their boyfriends, or find a new GBFF who is less likely to murder. There are several in your area. Being with people who understand what you’re going through is super important right now.




You had no idea that your boyfriend and gay best friend were engaged in criminal activities, using your apartment as headquarters when you were off at work. You had no idea that they were using your credit card to purchase Bitcoins on the darknet so that no one could trace their activity. You are shocked that Chad would snitch; you would have expected Jason to do that. Most of all, you’re surprised that they could hide this from you for so long. Anyone would be. It’s totally natural to be shocked at your favorite boys’ involvement in a major drug ring, so be patient with yourself.



Now that you are in jail because the police traced the funds to you, you’re going to feel pretty depressed. You no longer have your two favorite people to make light of the situation, and you wouldn’t even talk to those (literal) backstabbers, even if Jason was transferred to your prison. Go on, have a good sulk! You deserve that.



Hey, at least the official records say that they both really love(d) you.


Tragedy can be isolating, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one who’s experienced these exact emotions. Just accept each feeling as they come and go, and you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel. Your gay bestie murdering your boyf in a quarry is just a part of life!