60 Days Until Thanksgiving: Practice Your Silent Orgasms Now

It’s almost time to head home for Thanksgiving and staying with family means staying quiet when you have sex with your man. Dropping the volume on your climax takes practice: start using these tips now so you can give your partner something to be thankful for in your childhood bed after that big dinner with the family.


Clear Eyes, Full Mouth, Can’t Lose

Use the bounty of the holiday to your advantage: when things get hot and heavy, fill your mouth with mashed potatoes. When the time comes, you’ll be feeling “Oh good gravy!” without shouting it out loud.



Woman of the Cloth

The table isn’t the only place for place settings. Sneak a couple napkins from the dining room to the bedroom. When and your lover are heading for dessert, bite down hard on your mother’s heirloom linens. Your nephews and nieces won’t know a thing until they climb into your bed in the morning, find the napkins, and assume you had a “late night snack.”


The Parent Trap

Place a picture of your parents on the bedside table. Engage in long, patient foreplay, and when you can’t take it any longer – look at the photo of your parents while they were on vacation in Aruba. That will remind you just how close they are right now, and that you should be neither seen nor heard in any capacity.


Use these methods and be thankful this Thanksgiving that you can give thanks (quietly).