5 Ways to Know He’s the One – the One to Rule Them All!

Sometimes he feels like the perfect fit, the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, your precious, the one who will grant you the power to conquer all of Middle Earth! But how can you be sure? With this quick list, figure out if he’s truly the One – to rule them all.


He isn’t afraid to open up. 


A good man has a strong emotional intelligence, and can freely talk to you about his deepest thoughts on life. But if he’s really “the One,” he’ll reveal a secret inscription, written in the Black Speech of Mordor, when you throw him into a fire.


He would do anything for you. 


Whether it’s an elaborate moonlit picnic in the park, or waiting millennia at the bottom of a riverbed for you to find him, love is about sacrifice.


He wants you to take care of him. 


While a man will always enjoy being taken care of, the one to rule them all will need you to keep him secret, keep him safe. He will grow heavier in your possession and you will need to bear the weight as best you can.




He cares about you and listens to your problems. 


A good man checks in to see how you’re doing even if it’s primarily to convince you to attempt to murder a member of the fellowship whom you’ve sworn to protect.


He cannot be easily destroyed. 


No matter what, a good man is always there for you. But your very own Isildur’s Bane can hardly be gotten rid of, unless he is cast into the fires of Mount Doom.


With this quick list, you’ll be “Shire” to figure out if he’s the One to Rule Them All. In fact, it may be as easy as the defeat of Morgoth in the first age!