5 Things He’s Not Telling You Because He’s Asleep Right Now

As we all know, there are things that your man wishes he could say, but he’s too stubborn or scared or he asleep right now. It’s so hard for men to express themselves! Here are a few things he wishes you knew, but he doesn’t have the guts or wakefulness to tell you.


He really loves you.

He used to say it a lot in the beginning of the relationship, but as time goes on, it’s just something he assumes you know. And the reason he’s not saying it to you right now is that he is asleep because it is 1 A.M. on a Tuesday. Trust that he’s showing you his love in all sorts of ways, but he’s physically incapable of saying it in his sleep. Don’t give in to your insecurities!


He worries about the future.

Your dude puts up a brave front, but when he thinks of things like finances, his career, and having children, he has a ton of anxiety. These are things he deeply wants to share with you, but it’s incredibly difficult for him to talk about them when he’s deep in an REM cycle. Maybe you should ask him about it when he wakes up!



Sometimes he needs time alone.

Call it fear of intimacy, call it fear of commitment, but there’s a good chance your guy really values his independence and wants to make sure he has time to do his own thing. Unfortunately for you both, he’s snoring while you stare intently at his face, so chances are he’s not gonna come clean about it right now. Kind of annoying, but you get it!


He hates your friends.

Your sweetie is notoriously too nice, so he may not be telling you straight up that he thinks your friends are annoying. Why won’t he admit it? Probably because he’s 23 minutes into a serious Sunday nap. All you can do is be open to him and encourage him to be vulnerable, and also wait until he’s awake to have a conversation.


He loves when you wear skirts.

The last thing your guy wants to be is sexist so he’s probably keeping it to himself that he really loves when you wear cute skirts! You’ve been asking him about it while he’s next to you asleep on the airplane, but he honestly can’t respond right now. But don’t give up—keep encouraging that communication, girl!


At the end of the day, you can trust that if it weren’t for your bae being totally passed out, there is so so much that he’d be sharing with you! It has nothing to do with his communication skills and everything to do with his REM cycle. All you can do is persist in having serious talks no matter what his state of consciousness is. You’re a good girlfriend!