5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Maybe Think About Going to the Gym

You know you should consider thinking about going to the gym, but it’s hard to keep your thoughts focused when there are so many cat GIFs on Tumblr. Here are some time-tested strategies that might motivate you to maybe think about working out:

Maybe Try Taking the Stairs at Your Office

On your way in, think about bypassing the office elevator and take the stairs. When you imagine having to stop from exhaustion midway through the first flight, you mind will casually wander to thinking about going to the gym tonight to get in better shape. Eventually, your mind will wander back to your phone and you’ll play Candy Crush.

Consider Watching Dr. Oz

After spending an hour flipping past the channel and catching Dr. Oz squish his fingers in someone else’s fat, you’ll definitely think about getting on a treadmill. But when you return to the 12-hour Law and Order SVU marathon, you’ll be glued to the couch and forget all about it.


Almost Get Naked in Front of a Guy You Just Started Dating

Nothing will make you think about going to the gym more than getting close to naked in front of a guy you just started dating while completely sober. Almost exposing your nude form will help you focus on your thunder thighs and love handles you’ll definitely think about going to the gym at least to check out the weight room.

Casually Glance at Swimsuit Magazine Covers While in the Checkout Line

As your eyes catch a glimpse of the perfectly flat stomachs, you’ll give going to the gym a fleeting thought before your inner diva takes control. That Ben & Jerry’s is two for $5, which is way to good a deal to pass up.

Ponder Bending Over

You couldn’t do it if you tried, could you? Briefly considering your failure to perform a basic calisthenic exercise just might make you think about going to the gym. But maybe not. There’s always tomorrow to maybe confront the urgency of your disastrous physique.