How To Balance Your Career With Your Hangover

So you have a full-time career that you love, but you also want to do shots at McGinnis late into a Tuesday night? You’re not alone. In the modern workplace, it is possible to have it all. Follow these tips to lead a life that pleases both your boss and your addiction:


Establish A Support Network

You’re not the only one stumbling out of that bar at four in the morning; your friends are at your side. How are they coping with the nausea-filled mornings and raging, day-long headaches? Talk to them for advice. That guy who seems to have five birthdays a year, your latest Tinder fling, your parents – these are people who can help guide you through these demanding times in your path toward functional alcoholism.


Make Friends With A Loser

You may want to compare yourself to women who are pulling it off better than you, or who don’t have substance abuse problems. Don’t. The best kind of woman you can have in your life is one who looks up to you. Every time your sad friend texts you complaining about sleeping through another job interview, you’ll feel that much more competent.




After several weeks of working late, drinking too much and running yourself ragged, you may be tempted to take a break and spend a night at home. Don’t. The only way your body will adapt is through repetition of routine. Keep doing what you’re doing until you stop feeling the consequences – or at least stop remembering what it was like to not feel them.


Forgive Yourself

There are some days when the tequila in your stomach is churning so hard, it is physically impossible to move for the first eight hours of the day. Hey – you’re only human. Take a day off if you really need it. Nobody’s perfect and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Allow yourself to take baby steps to slowly get to a place where you can finally juggle it all.


What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger. You’ve been vigorously hung over at work and survived – this is proof that you’re capable of doing it again. Focus on these past successes next time you’re throwing up on your boss and you’ll be just fine.