5 Signs You Shouldn’t Give Him the Passwords to Your Bank Accounts

There comes a point in every relationship when your man pops the big question: give me the passwords to your online bank account and 401K management platforms. This relationship crossroads is always a struggle. You want to say yes, but sometimes you get burned. Here are five warning signs that your man may not be worthy of your complete fiscal access:

1. He is an identity thief.

I once met a guy on Match.com who listed his profession as “Identity Thief”. It seemed like such a funny joke until I was filling out endless paperwork for a new social security number. If he lets you know up front that he’s into stealing identities, take a pass!

2. You’ve had sex more than once but don’t know his last name.

Don’t mistake that midnight hookup buddy for a man to whom you should divulge your passwords. If he refuses to tell you his last name or phone number he’s probably not worthy of control over your 401K. Next!

3. He’s married and in financial trouble.

So you’ve fallen in love with a married, unemployed charmer with four kids and no savings. Who hasn’t been there? But if he tears up when discussing his lack of cash flow and how it’s affecting his family, be careful! He may not be all that he seems.


4. He’s told you he loves gambling ‘significantly’ more than he loves you.

You can’t expect to be a man’s everything. But if he’s told you that he loves gambling “significantly more than anyone or anything” in his life, that’s a red flag. Hold off at least a year before giving him access to your life savings.

5. You suspect he leads an Al Qaeda sleeper cell.

Sure, your own Agent Brody might seem hot. But having the NSA at your door because someone has been buying suspicious amounts of fertilizer with your credit cards? Less cute. If you have strong evidence that your man leads an Al Qaeda sleeper cell, hang on to those digits.
The bottom line here: go with your gut. Most of the time it’s totally fine to give your banking information to your man, but there are always exceptions. Take it from me, and exercise a little caution over your wallet and heart!