Fun Prizes To Give Him After He Guesses Your Ethnicity Right

You found a guy who correctly guessed your nationality on the first try. Lucky you! Even though you didn’t ask him to guess, he still deserves a little reward for his sharp eye and bold questions! Depending on how much of your cultural background he guesses correctly, give him an approving nod and one of these gifts that say, “Wow! You partially nailed it!”


If He Guesses 1/8th of Your Ethnic Background Correctly

No need to go crazy! He’s learned how to phrase an uninvited question but he’s still pretty new at this. Any of these simple trinkets will do:


A cookie.

A piece of gum.

Some temporary tattoos.

A small bouncy ball.

A Chinese finger trap. (It’s Chinese, like one of the ethnicities he guessed, so he’ll probably like it!)


Basically anything a child would win at a carnival beanbag toss will do!



1/4th of Your Ethnic Background

These tokens are for the more skilled race-guessers:


Cool sunglasses.

A hot dog.

Deck of cards.

A medium bouncy ball.

2 Chinese finger traps. (Double Chinese! Sweet!)


½ of Your Ethnic Background

Wow! He’s REALLY good. He must ask people about their ethnicity a lot. These prizes are perfect:


A copy of “San Andreas” on Blu-Ray (starring the ethnically ambiguous Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!)

A selfie-stick.

A large bouncy ball.

A stuffed Minion toy.

5 Chinese finger traps.



100% Correct

Whoa! It’s almost like he knows you, except not on a personal level, just a purely racial level. Celebrate his insight with these fun gifts:


An Edible Arrangement.

A lock of your exotic hair.

Your Amazon Prime password.

An extra-large bouncy ball.

A kitten (Bonus points if he can guess what breed of kitten it is first! Haha!)


No matter what your nationality is, embrace the fact that you’re a walking guessing game and make sure you have some of these prizes on-hand to give to the lucky winner!