5 Perfect Places to Escape With Your Dawn Escapes Dishwashing Liquid

Have you always thought a trip to Thailand, New Zealand, or the Mediterranean was out of your price range? You couldn’t be more WRONG! Thanks to Dawn Escapes Dishwashing Liquid, the romance and allure of travel can be found right underneath the kitchen sink. Whether you’re a Mediterranean Lavender kind of lady or a New Zealand Springs type of gal, once you smell one of these exotically scented dish soaps, you won’t be at the sink for long; you’ll be sinking your teeth into these antibacterial escapes!


1. Neighbor’s Shed

The excitement of trespassing pairs well with the mango, papaya and sweet jungle fruit scents found in a bottle of Dawn Escapes Thai Dragon Fruit Dishwashing Liquid. Lube up all those long-forgotten gardening tools and indulge your senses…until you have to pick up the kids at three. If only you could escape for real!


2. Department Store Dressing Room

When the saleswoman asks if you need help, open the door wearing nothing but your Dawn Escapes New Zealand Springs Dishwashing Liquid and whisper, “Yes.” If all goes according to plan, you’ll finally have that lesbian experience you’ve read about in book club in addition to getting the full New Zealand experience. And who knows, once you’re all sudsy, you might just slip into that size 6 dress you’ve had your eye on! Today is a new dawn—perfect for a little escape!


3. Couple’s Therapy Session

As your husband complains to Dr. Lori about your lack of intimacy, inhale the sweet scent of Dawn Escapes Mediterranean Lavender Dishwashing Liquid while luxuriously drizzling the soap in both ears. This will distort his incessant criticisms of you so that they sound more loving; maybe even like passionate Italian poetry! For added enjoyment, make sure to chug a bottle of wine from the Mediterranean region in the parking lot before your session. Ahhh, escape!


4. Bathroom in Local Hibachi Restaurant

There’s no better location to enjoy the Fuji Cherry Blossom Dawn Escapes Dishwashing Liquid. Lather yourself in dish soap while you daydream of rolling around in a beautiful Japanese garden with a handsome man of the East. As an added bonus, Dawn’s tough grease cleaning capability will remove the oily stains on your blouse from when your hibachi chef tried to fling shrimp into your mouth. It almost got in, but alas—it escaped!


5. Unfinished Basement

Make sure to pack up your Dawn Caribbean Breeze Dishwashing Liquid, your Jimmy Buffett greatest hits CD, the spray-tanned 21-year-old who cuts your lawn and prepare to make waves in your mold-filled basement! As you cuddle against the fiberglass insulation on the walls, young Joey’s grass-stained hands will come clean in minutes thanks to Dawn’s 2X cleaning power, before he says he “should get back to work.”


As you can see, the world is literally at your fingertips, ladies. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the sponge and be sure to DISH with your girlfriends after each sudsy soirée! You deserve a little escape!