5 Couples’ Tattoos To Get By Yourself

So, you’re single again. That’s okay! Stop waiting for “the one,” and go out there and get yourself that couples’ tattoo you’ve always wanted! No one has to know you got inked all alone at 2 AM in a seedy tattoo parlor! Here are five couples’ designs that will work on any body, even if that body never feels the warmth of another person’s arms wrapped around it ever again:


1. Half of a Heart

To the rest of the world, a tiny half-heart on the inside of your wrist says, “I go home every night to someone who cleans the bathroom without asking and cooks dinner for us twice a week.” But you’ll know it’s really saying, “The last person I was with stole a part of me that I will never get back.” It also sort of looks like half a shark mouth! You’re doing okay.


2. A Puzzle Piece

Everyone else will see this and think, “Aw, that’s adorable; her boyfriend must have the matching piece.” But it actually represents how for you, relationships are like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a clear blue sky: an impossible task that your partner gave up on halfway through.



3. An Intricate Skeleton Key with a Heart-Shaped Handle

The implication here is that this romantic key fits into a heart-shaped lock inked somewhere on your significant other. Nope; for you, it’s a reminder not to forget your keys when you leave the house, because you live alone and no one will be there to help you in if you get locked out.


4. A Two of Hearts

Normally, the couples’ card suit tattoo is a king of hearts for him and a queen of hearts for her. But you’ll never be Number One in anyone’s heart, so two of hearts it is. Actually, the heart suit is a little weird considering your tortured history. Go ahead and get a two of clubs, since you’re much more likely that you’ll be clubbed to death than find love.


5. The Word “Taken” Written in Cursive

You don’t need to be part of a couple for this tattoo, but you do need to be a pretty big fan of the Liam Neeson movie series. You haven’t seen it? Well, no wonder you’re single; no one can relate to you.


Now go out there and get inked, lonely girl!