4 Vegan Holiday Recipes to Make Your Family Never, Ever Ask You to Cook Something Again

During the holiday season, nothing beats getting together with loved ones and enjoying all the seasonal foods. It’s always hard to find a dish that will please everyone, but even if your sister has a pumpkin spice sweet tooth and your dad is a festive appetizer fanatic, there is one unifier that’ll have them all nodding in agreement about how disgusting it is – a vegan dish. So if you want to bring a PETA-friendly platter to the table this holiday season and be forever excluded from cooking for the family, check out these festive vegan recipes that’ll have your meat-and-dairy-loving relatives begging you to never bring anything again.


Cashew Nut Mac and Cheese

This creamy dish is a plant-based take on a comfort food classic that’ll have your grandmother wondering where she went wrong and your uncle saying, “Why is there yeast in my mac and cheese? I don’t care if it’s nutritional!” You’ll be explaining how soaking cashews in water can somehow make cheese sauce all night long while avoiding eye daggers from everyone around the table!


“Egg” Nog Snickerdoodle Cookies

How can you make eggnog cookies without any egg, you ask? No worries, there’s nothing a little coconut milk and ground flaxseed can’t fix! With the right spices, you’ll get the custardy creaminess of eggnog and an unspoken ban from using the kitchen oven in no time!



Toasted Sesame Oil Mashed Potatoes

Another holiday comfort food must, substituting butter and cream with sesame oil for this staple will let you have all the creaminess of mashed potatoes with none of the dairy. It’ll also completely change the flavor of the mashed potatoes and have your mom shoo you away if she ever sees you near a potato again.


Nut Loaf

If there’s one surefire way to get you expelled from ever cooking anything for the family again during the holidays, it’s making a vegan version of a what is supposed to be a roast? Or something like that? They might actually enjoy it if they tried it, but trust us – they won’t!


There’s nothing like getting together for the holidays and enjoying each other’s company around the dinner table. That enjoyment will be extremely short-lived as soon as you bring one of these vegan dishes, but at least your one cousin who went to Berkeley will thank you!