4 Lubes That Say, ‘It’s Not Weird That I Need This’

Nothing kills the mood more than realizing you don’t have enough steam to get things steamy. Lube is a an absolute must to have on hand when it comes to keeping sex comfortable and fun, even if he’ll inevitably assume your pussy’s broken or something. Here are the best lubes to keep things hot while saying, “Seriously; it’s not unusual for people to need this.”


Pink Water Water-Based Lubricant For Women ($14.99)

This lubricant is a classic for a reason! Affordable, safe, and condom-compatible, it’s a great no-fuss choice for anyone looking for a little extra moisture down there. Even better, it’s a great way to say, “I don’t understand why using lube is so stigmatized! Basically everyone needs it at some point.”



Astroglide Sensual Strawberry Lube, ($10)

Astroglide promises a strawberry-flavored, slick and long-lasting lubrication that’ll have you asking for seconds! This will keep things yummy, while also communicating that “hormonal changes and my subjective experience make lube super helpful for like a lot of people, even your ex who just never admitted it.” So hot!


Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Lubricant For Sensitive Skin, ($16.95)

Finding the right lube that says, “Seriously, this is normal” can be extra tricky when you have sensitive skin. If even the mildest additives cause irritation, Isabel Fay’s paraben- and glycerin-free formula is a lifesaver for ensuring comfort while also telling him, “This is just a pretty normal part of sex if you’re interested in it being good.”


K-Y Yours And Mine Couples Lubricant, ($14.49)

K-Y’s lube duo promises explosive sex by enhancing pleasure in both partners. Now there’s a win-win! With both of you greased up and revving, he’ll be ready to admit, “Wow this stuff’s actually pretty useful except when I want to hold onto during sex, because this shit is greasy!” Now you’re on the same page!


Try these lubes out for some sexperiments that’ll whip him into a frenzy! Any of these lubes are a great way to say, “Honestly, this is just what everyone does.