4 Fortifying Facial Oils to Transform Your Dry Winter Skin into a Perfectly Seasoned Cast Iron Pan

If the change of seasons reliably leaves your face a flaky, dry mess, then it might be time you introduce facial oil into your skincare routine. It can be hard to know where to start with this new step, but we’ll ease you in with these four fortifying oils that will transform your dry winter skin into a perfectly seasoned cast iron pan, perfect for cooking.


Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil (Drunk Elephant, $40)

Adding more oil to your face may seem counterintuitive, but actually, it isn’t. Whether you have totally dry or combination skin, an occlusive facial oil will form a protective barrier over your face and help your moisturizer work better. So, much as you would never put soap on a seasoned cast iron like some kind of monster, your facial oil goes on as the final step in your routine. The result? Skin that looks like it came straight from Williams-Sonoma.


100% Plant-Derived Squalane (The Ordinary, $8)

A lot of people feel intimidated or afraid at the thought of using a face oil. Fear is also what causes people to use lowly, Teflon-laden non-stick skillets instead of ascending to the ownership and care of a gorgeous, enduring cast iron pan. Well, your face can be as beautiful as a seasoned cast iron skillet, too, when you use this plant-derived squalane that will lock in moisture and leave your forehead ready to fry an egg with no residue whatsoever. That’s skincare.



Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil (REN, $56)

Do you want a complexion that’s glossy but not greasy and free of dry spots? Then surprise: You just described a pristinely seasoned cast iron pan. Actually, we described it, but still – this fantasy can be your reality with REN’s rose facial oil that’s sure to give you flashbacks to that time in middle school when you left your cast iron skillet to soak because you didn’t know any better, and then your mom loved you a little less ever since. Yes, please!


Daily Reviving Concentrate (Kiehl’s, $52)

Being a stalwart supporter of cast iron always gives you something to talk about, and becoming a devoted facial oil user will do just the same. Get the skin of your dreams and a conversation starter to boot with this Kiehl’s concentrate that will leave your face as protected as a sturdy, well-oiled cast iron pan. They also both make a nice Christmas gift!


You’ll never look back when once you introduce one of these facial oils to your regimen, so don’t wait! Give one of these a go and your face will transform into a perfectly seasoned cast iron pan that never has to be washed again—wait that’s not right.