You’re A Gemini? That’s Why You’re So Flaky!

Oh, you’re a Gemini? That makes so much sense, since you’ve always been a bit flaky and unreliable! As an air sign, you have an inclination toward abstract thought and intellectualism, which completely explains all those long-winded rants you’ll go on that we tend to tune out at brunch!


Man, this makes so much sense! You know how you got super intense about Frank, and then quickly moved on to Phil? Or how you were really interested in botany for three months then got bored? That’s typical Gemini behavior; you Geminis just can’t commit, always fluttering around doing whatever you think is romantic and momentarily fulfilling in spite of how it affects others! But boy, you DO get passionate! Like when you made that weird yelping sound watching your favorite show and we all glanced at each other like, “Whaaat?”


Wow, now that I know you’re a Gemini, everything is really coming together. Your tendency to be late, the way you say, “I mean it this time!” even though you never really mean it, your weird, sketchy new friends and that charming but overbearing way you always want to talk about feelings. All of this is okay because now I know you are a Gemini!


You know how you’re always crying, yelling, or having some sort of emotional breakdown? That’s also typical Gemini behavior; you’re emotively and intuitively oriented, so you naturally have all those overly sensitive feelings that bum out our chill friend group!



But there are upsides of course: Geminis are naturally magnetic, which is why all those creepy dudes won’t leave you alone on the Internet! And probably why it seems like you’re encouraging their interest, LOL! It’s cause you were born between late May and early June!


Do you consider yourself duplicitous? Because technically as a Gemini you ARE! To be honest, this isn’t too surprising because you’ve always seemed internally conflicted to me and the rest of your friends, as if you have the capability to switch on different parts of yourself without fully integrating them into harmony. Just harshing you girl, it’s no biggie! But seriously, what is it like having THE TWINS inside your brain?


Goddamn, I’m so glad I found out you’re a Gemini, everything makes so much sense now! Do you want me to check your rising sign? It might explain that weird face you’re making right now!