You Won’t Believe How Easy These Salad Recipes Are Because You Don’t #Believewomen

Spring is on the way and as the weather warms up there’s nothing more refreshing than a cool, crisp salad – except for a healthy discussion about sexual assault that is! You might not believe that a salad can pack the same flavor as a rack of ribs but that’s just because you dismiss the discussions of women regarding their day to day experiences!


How you dress doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual assault but it does matter when it comes to making a salad. Our Basic Vinaigrette Recipe makes for a easy and versatile salad dressing! All you need is oil, white wine vinegar, and salt to get started! Can you believe it? Based on the amount of times you’ve said “boys will be boys” – probably not!


You might be skeptical about having only a salad for dinner but that’s nothing compared to the skepticism many women face when reporting their sexual assaults to the police! Luckily, an Herbed Chickpea and Quinoa Salad has enough protein to keep you full all night long and the accompanying lemon tahini dressing is almost as unbelievable as the sheer number of untested rape kits in America. If you’re skeptical of this very simple salad, you’re probably skeptical of that fact, too. Way to go!


Some salad recipes can feel overwhelming, so try starting with something simple and clear-cut: The Tangy Cobb Salad is a real no-brainer, just like the Brock Turner case should have been, but even with multiple unimpeachable witnesses giving heart-wrenching testimonies and the police arriving on the scene to find the victim half-naked and unconscious lying face down behind dumpster, he was still only sentenced to six months of jail time and ended up getting out in three. Unfortunately, this is the standard in America, where do many don’t believe you can throw together this easy, peasy American classic with a moment’s notice. But you can!


A Lemon Zest Kale Salad has a subtle, yet pervasive lemon flavor – ,like the way we systematically protect people in power even when they have several credible accusations of assaulting women against them. Add some extra lemon juice if your kale, or outlook, is a little too bitter and/or outright damaging!



Try these delicious spring salads and let us know what you think in the comment section below! We dare you not to trust us!