“You Like That? Take It,” Says Mom About Every Single Thing In Her House

Recently, New Jersey mom Barbara Wexler hosted her adult daughters for a long weekend. Throughout the course of the visit, Barbara reportedly offered to give Janna, 28, and Shauna, 30, every single object and food item in the house.


“I hadn’t been home in a while,” says Janna. “So I would comment on all the new things like, ‘love the new plant, mom!’ Each time I so much as looked at something she would insist that I take it home.”


Reports indicate that Barbara tried to give away everything from basic toiletries, to condiments, to a full chaise lounge.


“I made the mistake of saying ‘I’ve always loved this chaise,” says Shauna. “And before I knew it, mom was lugging the chaise toward the front door as if I’m going to take it with me on the train back to New York or something.”


Sources confirm that in addition to moving the chaise, Barbara attempted to give Shauna the shirt she was wearing, a brand new Orchid and a bottle of half empty sriracha ketchup.


“It’s just so good to have them here,” says Barbara. “I want them to know that this will always be their home, and if that means giving them everything I own including the clothes off my back then so be it. Also, I bought a bunch of deodorants on sale so, you know, it made sense that they each took a couple deodorants. You can never have too many.”


Barbara spent a total of 41 out of the 48 hours her daughters were home pointing at items around the house and repeating her mantra, “You like that? Take it,” until each daughter agreed to take home some overripe avocados, a brand new necklace, a box of Swiffer refills and an old pashmina.


Janna, who is married and lives in a fully furnished and outfitted house of her own, was less than pleased to be leaving with more stuff than she brought with her.


“These are all things she needs and uses on a daily basis,” she says. “And honestly, she spent more time trying to give us crap than actually hanging out. I don’t need all this!”



Shauna, meanwhile, was happy with her bounty, which also included three used candles, a fruit basket, a 100 dollar bra, diamond earrings, a container of hummus and an extremely over-complicated contraption that keeps your tea warm.


“I’m an artist,” she says. “I can’t even afford paper towels! So yeah, I took everything I could shove into one of my mom’s reusable Trader Joe’s bag, which I also plan on keeping.”