Wow! Woman Completes Online Clothing Review Without Mentioning Her Long Torso

This woman’s online clothing review for a Modcloth dress is everything we need right now!


Maribeth Gatewood left a review for the Cutesy Bubbles A-Line dress without mentioning even once how long her torso is compared to other women. Amazing!
Gatewood’s review was short, positive, and to the point: “Fits great and not too clingy,” she wrote in the five-star review, while managing to refrain from referencing the proportions of her crotch-to-shoulder area.


Many other women reviewed the dress, noting their unusually straight hips or exceptionally wide bust in the comments. And while Gatewood often finds it hard to discuss clothing fit without bringing up her abnormal body type, that day is NOT TODAY!



This is a major win for the self-conscious shopper, and no one can take that away from her.


Our hats are off to this incredible woman, who somehow repressed the urge to declare the length of her trunk to the world via a clothing feedback form.


Great job Maribeth! We salute you!