Wow! This Woman Used Two Washers At The Laundromat Instead Of Stuffing One To The Absolute Max

In a heroic and extremely wealthy move, Lisa Tromblay of Brookline, MA, decided to use two washers at the Laundromat this weekend instead of stuffing all of her clothes into one machine.


“Normally I’ll just stuff it all in if I can make it work,” says Lisa. “But this time I realized, maybe the clothes would be cleaner if there was a little room for them to move around in the washer and for all the soap and water to flow around them properly.”


Whoa! What an act of absolutely lavish self-care!


Other patrons to the Laundromat were confused.


“When I saw it I was like, doesn’t she want to use the absolute least amount of quarters and save herself from the potential headache of having to wait for an extra dryer to free up?” says Alicia Merkowski. “I guess she must be rich or something.”


“But it started to make me wonder, maybe this is how grown ups wash their clothes, not in a fit of urgency, but as a task that should be done properly. Maybe she had an heirloom dress in there? It’s given me a lot to think about.”



Lisa is humble about her accomplishment.


“I guess at a certain point you just realize, clean clothes are the goal.”