Wow! This Woman Transformed Her Brita Into a Regular Pitcher by Forgetting to Change the Filter

Many people have been finding new and creative ways to use their Brita, like using it to filter alcohol to make it tasteless or adding fruits to add a splash of flavor. But Jasmine Lyman changed the game when she transformed her Brita into a regular pitcher with just one easy trick!


“I was getting bored with using the same old Brita every day,” Jasmine said. “I wanted a change, which is why I purposefully forgot to change the filter. Now, I have my very own pitcher that doesn’t filter anything! Jealous?”


However, not everyone is impressed with the cool new hack that Jasmine discovered.


“Yeah, I don’t think it’s cool that she forgot to change the filter and then said that she ‘hacked’ it,” Jasmine’s roommate Angela said. “I mean, I’ve been drinking unfiltered water for weeks now and I had no idea.”



But the criticism isn’t getting Jasmine down! In fact, she’s trying to spread the word about this fun little enhancement to everyone she knows.


“Why go out and buy a pitcher when you already have one at home, waiting to be discovered?” Jasmine said. “I always tell my friends that, instead of spending your hard-earned cash, you can always save it by not buying Brita filters and drinking unfiltered water from a pitcher that now has a useless random extra layer!”


Finally! A regular pitcher that’s also expensive!


Apparently, Jasmine appreciates the different taste that comes from her new modification as well.


“I was getting tired of drinking fresh, clean, filtered water,” she said. “So the fact that I can really taste all the minerals and possible metals from my tap water has really brightened up my days!”


Okay, we’re obsessed!


At press time, Jasmine has unfortunately gone back to drinking out of her Brita the normal way because her roommate finally changed the filter.