Wow! This Woman Took the Vaccine in Her Butt So She Could Get Drunker

Talk about public health and party goals! 33-year-old nurse practitioner Silvia Cortez turned heads at the clinic when she took her first dose of the Moderna vaccine directly into her butt – and she got way drunker than she ever expected!


“It was super important to me as a health care worker to show that getting vaccinated is safe and good for society on the whole,” Silvia said. “But I also wanted to get super drunk, so I had my girlfriend stick it up there with a shot of vodka and WOW did I get fucked up.”


Silvia believes the vodka and M-RNA vaccine created a “multiplier effect” that eventually got her blackout drunk and trying to sleep with who she thought was the bartender.



“It was actually another nurse at the hospital,” Silvia added. “He was really cool about it though. I was super fucking wasted.”


Silvia’s reaction to the vaccine included a headache, fatigue, mild chills, and a fucking awful hangover.


When asked if she’ll do a repeat for the booster shot next week, she responded, “I’m never butt-chugging a life-saving vaccine ever again.”