Unbelievable! That Person Did Better Than You by Working Hard and Not Giving Up

In a fucking ridiculous story unraveling right before your eyes on Instagram, 28-year-old Ari Burke is doing way better than you in her career, all because she worked hard and didn’t give up.


Burke had the gall to avoid partying in high school and get a full scholarship to Cornell and now runs a successful startup that she just sold to Unilever for millions of dollars.


“I knew what I wanted from early on in life,” Ari said. “So I made a lot of sacrifices early on that really paid off. Now I can retire at 35 and finally take care of my parents financially.”


Wow, it’s almost as if focusing on her goals and dreams from an early age was a personal attack on you specifically!



“At least with my other successful friends, I can say that they were born into generational wealth or something like that,” you said. “But this is seriously fucked up and kind of mean.”


Burke, who now focuses on philanthropy and surfing, encourages everyone to believe in themselves and never, ever give up on their dreams – just like a total fucking bitch