Wow! This Shy Black Woman Was Perceived as Stuck Up for the 100th Time

25-year-old Phaedra Baptiste has never been a social butterfly, but she will attend the occasional party when she feels like it. So, last weekend when she went to a house party and talked to some acquaintances, she was unpleasantly surprised when she heard that they thought she was actually stuck up this whole time. This officially marks the 100th time that this has happened to her.


What a feat!


“I honestly thought you didn’t like me for some reason,” one partygoer, Hailey, told Phaedra at the function. “I even told all my friends that you were kind of intimidating. But, like, y’know, in a cool way!”


Wow! That’s not flattering at all!


“I think it’s interesting that this has happened to me so many times,” Phaedra told reporters. “Especially since people seem to think that white girls who don’t like to talk to people are just socially anxious, but for me it’s because I must think I’m better than them or that I’m mean. But I guess I’ll still celebrate this important milestone. Here’s to the next 100 times that this will inevitably happen to me!”


Phaedra has reportedly tried everything to eliminate the perception that she’s aloof or uppity but to no avail. At the last few parties she’s attended she has repeatedly told people that she’s shy, anxious, tired, quiet, or introverted, but these instances all ended with the same result.


“I just thought she was coming up with excuses so that I didn’t feel bad,” another partygoer named Lily said. “Because she obviously didn’t want to talk to me, and I understand that because she’s such a queen!”


Interesting choice of words, Lily!


After exactly 100 times of this happening to her, Phaedra has had a lot of time to analyze the pattern.


“I guess people are expecting me to act like a stereotype of what they think a Black woman is supposed to be like, and then if I’m not that, they think I’m an angry Black woman, which is also another stereotype,” Phaedra said. “But I guess they got what they wanted because I’m actually pretty angry right now!”



At press time, Phaedra has stopped going to social gatherings altogether.


“They’re probably gonna think I’m stuck up for this, too,” she told reporters. “But at least I can actually stay home this time!”