Wow! This Razor Subscription Service Will Seriously Overestimate How Often You Shave

Are you tired of running to CVS all the time to pick up simple items? Do you wish there was an easier way? Well, great news: we live in a day and age where razors can be delivered right to your front door by way of subscription service.


And yes, they will seriously overestimate how often you shave!


In the past, subscriptions were just for magazines and newspapers. But now anyone can have razors sent to them in biweekly increments with the same unflinching rigidity of a print magazine, reminding you that you really don’t actually keep your body hair in check that much!



“There was a time when I could be content with a few swipes with my flimsy Gillette once a week,” customer Ali Smith commented. “But now, with a service that delivers fresh, 5-bladed cartridges every two weeks on the dot, I can easily confront the realities of my unimpressive shaving habits by amassing a mountain of untouched blades in the back of my bathroom cabinet!”


Week after week, these little reminders of your unkempt body hair will litter your bathroom so that you never escape their taunting!


“I’ll never again have to deal with a rusty razorblade that’s been sitting in the shower too long–I can just take my pick from an ever-growing hoard of refills!” another customer testified, elaborating on the service which constantly reminds many customers that they simply don’t care enough to stay on top of their fast-growing leg fuzz. “And I have peace of mind knowing that they’ll continue to shower me in an overabundance of shaving supplies no matter what, completely unaware that I don’t need them because shaving takes a lot of time out of my day and I’m honestly okay with a little bit of leg stubble.”


“I’d cancel it, but the colors are just too fun!”