Wow! This Grandma Totally Misunderstood The Purpose of ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

Across the country, thousands of Americans participated in “A Day Without Immigrants,” a strike meant to highlight how critical immigrants are to American businesses, culture, and life. Yet Doris Palmer, a 75-year-old grandmother of five, has completely misunderstood its purpose.


“Good riddance!” Palmer reportedly said when she heard about the day, “Glad the immigrants are getting the message!”


While Palmer’s children attempted to correct her, yet Palmer has amazingly stuck to her guns, regardless of the new information.


“My mom has no idea what she’s talking about,” says Palmer’s daughter, Clarice. “She has friends who are immigrants, her doctors are immigrants, and my husband is an immigrant. I think she has a different idea of what ‘immigrant’ means in her head.”


Palmer heard about “A Day Without Immigrants” after finding that her favorite diner was closed due to the strike. Completely misunderstanding the meaning of the strike, Palmer said she was “proud” of the restaurant for “finally taking a stand against immigrants.”


It’s truly amazing how little she understands about the immigrant experience!


“I wish every day was a day without immigrants,” she said while at home with her live-in nurse, Cynthia, who is originally from Jamaica.


“I considered taking part in the strike,” Powell says. “But Doris needs me here. She’s picky about who administers the medicine she needs to live.”


“Cynthia is one of the good ones,” Powell whispered as an aside.


Looking at footage of Donald Trump on television, Palmer smiled.



“He is why this country is great,” she says. “That’s why my grandparents came here from Ireland a hundred years ago. God bless America!”


Unbelievably, this grandma has completely missed the point! God bless America indeed!