Women In Comedy Spotlight: My Hilarious Coworker Trish!

Hilarious Coworker Trish - Reductress

It seems like almost every stand-up show features at least one female comedian these days. Now that Tina Fey stars in movies, it’s just a matter of time before women are being funny all over this great nation! It’s important that we support lesser-known “comediennes” before they explode into the humor scene, which is why I’d like to introduce you to the ridiculously hysterical Trish Jenkins, my fellow billing specialist at Content Innovations Inc. You’re gonna get a kick out of her!


Trish is outrageous! She will say anything, to anyone – she doesn’t even care! Her first week at CII, this hot UPS driver comes into the lobby, like, “I’ve got a package for Trish Jenkins?” And Trish looks him up and down and says – I SWEAR TO GOD THIS IS TRUE – she says, “Ooh, I hope it’s the one I’m thinking of!”


I’m like “Trish, oh my God! Are you insane? That is a uniformed official, Trish! You can’t say that!”


But she DID! She did say that! I was dying laughing, obviously, we all were. I was like, “You need to be doing this professionally!” Trish is edgy without being trashy, and I think we can agree that’s something we could all use more of in comedy.


Plus, she appeals to all types of audiences! Last May, we get out early for Memorial Day weekend and go get pedicures at this Korean salon. Can I say it’s Korean? Anyway, we sit down and Trish, FOR REAL, she goes, “So you’ll paint all my toes? Even my … CAMEL TOE?” I’m serious! I’m serious! She said that!


The lady didn’t understand our American slang, so Trish – hold on, I can’t even remember it without dying laughing – Trish hikes up her leggings and actually indicates the outline of her labia! Cross my heart! Now the lady is laughing, I’m freaking ROLLING on the floor like “Trish, you have no filter! You’re too much, and it’s amazing. Why aren’t you putting this in a comedy skit?”



Another reason Trish NEEDS to be out there, sharing her comedy with the world? She brings the realness. Like, BRINGS it! Last week, it’s Joel’s going away party, we all go out for Korean barbecue. Can I say it’s Korean? Anyway, Trish gets hilariously drunk, like that super-edgy, raw blackout drunk that most of us wouldn’t dare to try. Then she starts going around the table doing “insult comedy” and I’m like, wha-oh! Hide your kids and make peace with your God – Trish is on the warpath!


First she does this whole routine demanding to know why RJ never called her after they hooked up in the supply closet, then she tells Joel “BAD luck at your new job, you fat shit,” and THEN she does this pratfall into her short ribs and stays there for two hours! I’m screaming laughing, like, “Oh my God, Trish, what are you doing? You’re gonna get fired, oh my God!”


And she DID! She did get fired! But everything happens for a reason, and the world hasn’t seen the last of the insanely amazeballs Trish Jenkins. Are you listening, Lorne Michaels and Nick Cannon? Don’t let this raw female talent go to waste!