Woman Who Thought She Wanted Rough Sex Actually Just Wanted to Ride Space Mountain

A woman in Anaheim, CA has made the enlightening realization that her years of longing for rough sex was actually just her innate need to finally ride the famed roller coaster at Disney World, Space Mountain.


28-year-old Eva Lee went to Disneyland for the first time yesterday, and not only did she have a great time, but she looked deep within herself and examined her own sexual desires, too.


“I used to think that I wanted to have really rough sex one day,” Eva said. “I just loved the idea of being in the dark and getting thrown around fast enough to almost break my neck, and still living to tell the tale.”


“However, after waiting in line for more than two hours, I found all of these things in the Disneyland ride Space Mountain,” she continued. “And after getting off the ride, my desire for rough sex had completely vanished.”



Eva’s girlfriend, Kelly, also noticed a drastic change in her partner’s behavior after riding the heart stopping, scary, and pitch-black amusement park ride.


“I never really felt comfortable being rough in the bedroom, so every time she suggested it, I’d always have to shut it down,” Kelly told reporters. “However, after we rode Space Mountain, she told me that she didn’t want to try rough sex anymore. Maybe she got it out of her system or something. Either way, now we’re both happy!”


According to reports, Eva was also thrilled by the following events of the ride too.


“Even after the ride, Kelly and I practiced aftercare with each other,” Eva told reporters. “We hugged each other and said things like, ‘Wow, that was crazy!’ and ‘I love you’, and even ‘Wanna go again?’ I found that communication in the bedroom is just as important as communication right in front of a Disneyland attraction, and I’m so glad that I made that beautiful discovery today.”


“Plus,” she added. “I came, like, six times!”