Woman Who Never Blinked at Hate Crimes on Mosques and Synagogues Now Deeply Offended About a Target

Eden Prairie, MN resident Lillian Gilbert, who has never once condemned or acknowledged attacks on any group that she does not personally identify with, is randomly heartbroken by the damage and looting done to her beloved Target.


“I’m devastated,” Mrs. Gilbert shared. “What’s happened to my American retail corporation community is disturbing and unforgivable.”


Indeed, fellow members of her white, affluent community are feeling lost during this personally offensive and individually targeted nightmare scenario.


Witnesses close to Mrs. Gilbert confirmed she is in deep pain over a place she deems holy (though she never once flinched at media coverage of shootings, arson, or vandalism against, actual places of worship).


“I understand people are angry about the recent injustices, but this is where I do my big shop,” she continued through tears.



Interestingly, there’s a Target located closer to her home that is fine but considered far less sacrosanct.


We could not imagine the grieving she is going through over a store that normally exists untouched in a world of racist and bigoted violence, threats, and discrimination.


“And for people to continue sharing the images online of battered stores…” Gilbert says. “It’s just obtrusive. No one is considering the trauma I already went through seeing it the first time. No one thinks of me and my trauma before sharing graphic images.”


The only thing holding Mrs. Gilbert together is that this barely affects the large national retailer. Six stores need moderate repairs, 200 locations have shuttered or shortened their hours, and 1,700 remaining stores are operating as normal. Employees of affected locations are reportedly still receiving hours at other locations and normal pay, including COVID premiums, as the corporate chain can afford that.


When reached for comment, Target’s chief executive Brian Connell reported, “We’re good.”


Regardless, Mrs. Gilbert fears for her community. “Hate crimes against my Target are at an all-time high and we need guaranteed special protection.”


We wish Mrs. Gilbert rest and peace during this time while others are experiencing extreme distress and actual, intergenerational trauma and oppression.