Woman Who Completed Annual Jog Expected to Make Full Recovery

New Jersey resident Jane Sharron completed her annual jog Sunday, from which she is thankfully expected to fully recover and be ready for next year’s annual 1.5 mile jaunt around the block.


“Every year around this time, I see her huffing and puffing around the corner, and I wonder if she’s gonna make it,” says neighbor Linda Lavoretti. “Somehow, she always pulls through, thank God.”


Neighbors began expressing concern from the moment Sharron set foot on her lawn and started stretching.


“She’s not really a runner,” says Paul Anderson, who regularly competes in local races and half-marathons. “She looked fresh when she left the driveway, but I got a little worried when I saw her face around the half-mile mark.”



Within 25 minutes of leaving her home, Sharron had completed an entire 1.5 mile loop of the neighborhood, with only a few blocks of walking thrown in.


“It was rough, but I survived,” said Sharron, lying on the carpet of her living room floor. “I… think I’m gonna be okay.”


After a brief examination, doctors agreed that Sharon will make a full recovery and be ready to make her annual jog again next year.


Sharron aided her recovery with a large bottle of water, a Netflix binge of Stranger Things , and eventually a Bundt cake brought over by her mother, who had heard the news of her travails.


“She’s gonna be sore for at least a few days,” says Kathy Sharron. “But hopefully it doesn’t affect her performance in 2020.”