Woman Welcomes Sourdough Starter into the World Despite Pandemic Fears

Despite the overwhelming and uncertain news about the future of our world, Jenna Woods made the heroic decision to birth a baby sourdough starter into the world this week.


“A lot of people say, what’s the point?” says Jenna. “But I felt deep in my bones that a little bit of hope for future loaves of bread was exactly what I needed in this moment.”


And so, in spite of the disease ravaging the outside world, Jenna combined flour and water and let it sit for several days, to slowly begin to bubble and curate wild yeast.


“It was scary to take this on,” Jenna explains. “But ultimately breathtakingly beautiful to put such beauty into the world right now.”


She showed off her results on an Instagram live.


“We have to keep the yeast happy by feeding it fresh flour and water over the next few days,” Jenna said to her 6 viewers. “See how this little guy’s starting to get frothy? That means he’s almost ready to be used.”



Some of Jenna’s friends were judgmental.


“This doesn’t really seem like the best time,” says Kathryn Webb. “I don’t know, it just seems selfish, almost.”


“I don’t think it’s ever selfish to bring a little more light into this world,” Jenna says. “In fact right now we might need the joy that a sourdough starter can bring more than ever.”