Woman Uses Friends’ Birthdays As Opportunity To Post Pictures From Her Wedding Again

A recent report has confirmed that 29-year-old Kelly-Ann Steward is, yet again, using her friend’s birthday as a thinly veiled excuse to post yet another one of her wedding photos from 2017.


“Happy birthday to my forever friend Lana,” Kelly-Ann wrote as the caption for a picture of her and her husband at the altar with bridesmaid Lana Corely barely visible in the left corner. “28 looks so good on you!”


“I’m not even the focus of the picture,” said Lana. “And we’ve been friends since we were seven, so I know she has plenty of pictures of the two of us together that aren’t from her wedding.”


Other friends of Kelly-Ann confirm that, since her marriage, nearly all of her posts celebrating other people have realistically celebrated herself.


“She’s on a five-friend birthday streak of posting bridal pictures instead of the hundreds of other pictures she could choose from,” said Jocelyn Kim. “The Instagram story she put up for Sara’s birthday was literally a picture of her first dance with Sara blurrily crying in the far background.”


“It’s like, we get it, you got married. You don’t have to keep reminding us of your special day by pretending to care about ours,” she added.


Kelly-Ann resents her friends’ accusations.


“It’s not like I keep using pictures from my wedding because they’re pictures of me,” she said. “I’m using them because they’re professional photos. It just so happens that I look stunning in all of the pictures I use.”


But her friends aren’t convinced.


“She used a picture of me making such a goofy face at her cake-cutting to congratulate me on having my daughter,” said Reese Dunbar-Hearing. “Also we’ve known each other since birth.”


“Really not looking forward to the pictures she’ll be using after her baby shower,” she added.