Woman Skeptical About Election Polls After Being Burned Once by Bo Bice’s ‘American Idol’ Loss

nervouse woman next to bo bice

Houston, TX resident Francesca Brown is feeling extremely skeptical about the upcoming presidential election results for a particular reason: Francesca has been burned like this before, during American Idol’s 2005 finale in which Bo Bice lost to Carrie Underwood.


“I’m still not over it. I really believed everyone around me would be voting for Bo,” Brown recalled, overcome with emotion. “I felt safe knowing that things were going to turn out the way I expected, only to have the rug totally pulled out from under me.”


Francesca Brown had been a supporter of Bo Bice from early in the season, remembering hearing his audition with the song, “In A Dream.”


“It was everything. You could tell he was a seasoned performer, someone who deserved this opportunity,” Brown explained. “That’s what makes me skeptical about this presidential election. When someone that talented and experienced can lose to someone like Carrie Underwood, who’s has such an uneven vibrato and a nasally head voice, how can I trust anything at all to go the way it should? How can I trust America to vote for the more qualified person?”



Francesca Brown has since been scanning the election polls for reassurance, to no avail.


“Polls have been wrong before,” said Brown, “They all said that Bo would win. He deserved to! Did anyone even listen to his crooning voice? Or was that just me?”


She added, “How can I ever trust anyone ever again?”


At press time, Brown was close to gaining confidence in the outcome of the presidential election, but after being asked about David Cook’s win over David Archuleta in the 2008 season of American Idol, she said, “I’m out,” and left the room.